Networking is all about selling more…isn’t it?

When a business person thinks about networking they will almost certainly see it as another way to make a sale. But, is this the only reason to take up networking?

The secret to getting the most from networking is to find a group and style that suits you, as unless you like going why should you keep it up?

So, if you are an early bird the 6.30 am networking breakfast may appeal to you. Or, are you the long lunch type? Anyway, let’s assume you have found the style of networking you like because without going regularly you are unlikely to build the kind of trusting relationship with other members you need to get the best out of it. Of course once you have the confidence of other members they may well buy from you and begin to recommend your business to their extended network of business contacts, friends and family which is what you really want. As we all know, personal recommendations are king!!

What other benefits could you get from networking?

Have you ever suffered from ‘island syndrome’? If you previously worked for someone else you no doubt got the chance to chat with your colleagues, sharing information, offering support or just having a good old gossip! Working on your own or, as the boss of a small business, can be really isolating. Taking the opportunity to get that regular ‘sanity check’ talking to other business people gives you the chance to exchange ideas and pick up tips.

Another great plus is the opportunity to meet, or have recommended to you, B2B suppliers.

So there you are….at least three good reasons for networking. What are you waiting for?


Sue Davitt – Business Adviser


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