EAT THAT FROG! Stop Procrastinating!

EAT THAT FROG! Stop Procrastinating! (Based on the best-selling book by Brian Tracy)

I am often told by clients that they don’t have enough hours in the day, or that they feel that they do not have a good work-life balance because they are too busy, so I thought it would be relevant to write about it.

I know how busy you are, and even reading a blog on time management is something that you seldom have the time to do. Time management behaviours are very much a matter of choice. You choose to be efficient or you choose to be disorganised; you choose to focus and concentrate on your highest-value tasks, or you choose to spend your time on activities that contribute little value to your life. You choose to be positive or you choose to be negative and you are always free to choose your quality of life.

A former employer once shared this short Eat That Frog! YouTube clip with our team to help us understand how to avoid one of the worst causes of time-wasting; Procrastination!!

Choose To Manage Your Time

The starting point of overcoming your previous programming, and eliminating the mental blocks to time management, is for you to make a clear, unequivocal decision to become excellent at the way you use your time. You must decide, right here and now, that you are going to become an expert in time management to improve your quality of life. Your aim should be to manage your time so well that people look up to you and use you as a role model for their own work habits.

Another tool that I regularly refer to is the urgent and important time management matrix, courtesy of The matrix can easily be adapted by folding a piece of A4 into 4 and using each quadrant in line with the levels of importance and urgency.

You may also consider outsourcing some of your work to other professionals, who are likely to be able to complete the work far quicker, cheaper and more effectively than you can, leaving you more time to spend elsewhere in your business. Usually, you will find that the costs incurred work out far less than your own hourly rate, which should allow you to generate more income in the long run.

Perhaps you may be considering starting your own business and are worried that you may get caught up in the procrastination trap, or you may be looking for ideas to help your business to grow. Our experienced team are on hand to support you through a variety of different ways in your business.

Lisa Harding

Lisa Harding – Business Adviser

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