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Networking is all about selling more…isn’t it?

When a business person thinks about networking they will almost certainly see it as another way to make a sale. But, is this the only reason to take up networking? The secret to getting the most from networking is to find a group and style that suits you, as unless you like going why should... View Article

Sales closing techniques – do I need them?

Depends.  If you are involved in smaller sales – that is a simple low value product sold in one visit – then probably, yes (but no tricks required).  For larger sales, almost certainly not since they may actually harm your chances of success.  Surprising maybe but shown to be true in sales research. For me,... View Article

Avoid the negs!

Early on in my sales career, I learnt an important point during a basic training course that has held me in good stead ever since.  It was this: “Avoid the negs!” By this they meant avoid negative people.  You know the sort of people they were talking about – those that can find issues with... View Article

Effective sales emails

Whilst most salespeople understand the construct of a sales letter, far fewer then change this for their sales emails.  Let me give you my tips for writing effective sales prospecting emails that go beyond the given of a strong subject headline and personalised style. The critical point to recognise is that most emails will be... View Article

A dynamite tip for your corporate presentation

Invariably you will need to make a corporate pitch at some stage during a new prospect sales cycle.  Typically this will be a projector slide show – and from my earlier post, we know how to make this as effective as possible in structure and delivery.  But for this specific subject, let me also give... View Article

Improve your PowerPoint sales presentations

The most effective sales presentations are in my experience achieved using an “on-the-fly” approach, such as with a flip chart.  This is because you are demonstrating personal knowledge and belief to your audience, which in turn builds credibility and trust.  However, there are limits to this approach, such as audience size, and there are times... View Article

Common mistakes to avoid in sales meetings

If you’ve worked hard to get a face-to-face meeting with a key sales prospect, you want to give yourself the best chance of a positive outcome.  Avoiding these common mistakes will help you do this: Spending too long on the preliminaries.  You’re more likely to build rapport by concentrating on business concerns, not that you... View Article

What successful salespeople do after the first sales call

Many years ago, Honeywell did some in-depth analysis to work out why some salespeople were more successful than others.  Skill aside, there was one activity that stood out and it came at the early stages of the sales cycle.  You’ll never guess what this was. All of the successful salespeople wrote a letter to their... View Article

Recruiting your first salesperson

Understandably, business owners are nervous when recruiting their first salesperson.  This is invariably a relatively high cost resource and sourcing investment for the business.  As with most high reward offerings, there’s higher risk too – the risk of staff disruption or wasted investment costs to name a couple.  However, with a bit of planning, the... View Article

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Funding Circle Helps Boost Goss Mini Skips Success

Godfrey Dudman established Goss Mini Skips in Midhurst  in 2011; to service the needs of local residents and businesses. In 2015 he had to relocate the business.  The...

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