Enterprise First and Business South merger will bring a boost to Southern regional economy

A MERGER has been agreed between two Hampshire based not-for-profit companies with the aim of creating the leading organisation for enterprise, business support and employer engagement in the South of England.
Enterprise First, an award winning organisation that supports start-ups and existing businesses will be joining forces with Business South, an independent and influential organisation connecting leading employers to promote the place and champion the economy in our region.
By working together, Enterprise First and Business South will:
· Provide business with connections, services and solutions to drive economic prosperity
· Promote the place and recognises responsible employers as good corporate citizens
· Support social well-being in our communities
· Promote relationships between local communities and business leaders
· Offer structured support programmes for start ups
· Provide mentoring for existing businesses
· Champion the South region as a great place to work

Welcoming the move, John Mitchell, CEO of Enterprise First, said:
“This merger is good news for the South of England, our combined areas of expertise mean we can better support and collaborate with businesses in the region. We remain committed to working with our partners and key stakeholders and our priority is to continue to help grow, support and strengthen the local economy. Enterprise First look forward to welcoming more opportunities that this merger will bring.”

Both Enterprise First and Business South will continue to operate in the same way as before and both will retain their independent boards, branding and staff. The two organisations will remain as separate entities.
Sally Thompson, CEO of Business South, said the merger would present opportunities for both organisations to work together on future projects.
“While it will be business as usual for both organisations, the merger will allow us to work together on major projects that will benefit the regional economy.
“Business South has been evolving for the past 10 years. Linking with Enterprise First will allow us to continue to work on behalf of businesses across the region and expand our vision.”

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