A dynamite tip for your corporate presentation

Invariably you will need to make a corporate pitch at some stage during a new prospect sales cycle.  Typically this will be a projector slide show – and from my earlier post, we know how to make this as effective as possible in structure and delivery.  But for this specific subject, let me also give you a terrific tip on how to make your corporate presentation stand out from your competitors.  It won’t apply every time but it could make the difference when it matters.

A standard corporate presentation tends to go something like this:

  • Introduction to the company, a quick history
  • Organisation chart or structure
  • Financial summary (possibly)
  • Product or service features and benefits
  • Reference client list, case studies
  • Summary (maybe)

That’ll be OK so long as you have a stand-out story to tell.  But now consider this:

Typically, what is the primary buying criterion for IT managers in larger companies?  Four letters, third letter ‘s’ ?  No, not ‘cost’ but ‘RISK’.  The reason being that senior employees would rather pay more in the knowledge that there is less chance of failure, either of the solution or the supplier.  Failure could mean a sacking, so better to be safer than sorry.

So how about re-jigging your corporate presentation to address the issue of risk?  Identify the main areas of risk likely to concern your prospect and then present your corporate material to show how you minimise each of those risk areas.

Can you see how different this is?  You are starting from the basis of the prospect’s needs, not an inward-looking supplier’s perspective.  It’s refreshingly different and potentially very powerful.

I’ve developed corporate sales presentations for several companies I’ve worked for using this approach.  Many of my colleagues also used these presentations with a good deal of success.  So I recommend trying this out for your company’s pitch.

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